Snyder’s Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners

Maximize the life of your carpet with Snyder’s Chem-Dry’s superior and green cleaning services. As the #1 rated carpet cleaning franchise, Chem-Dry has been at the forefront of the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry with innovative equipment and powerful cleaning solutions.

We offer full-service upholstery and carpet cleaning in Utah with minimal downtime – that means you’ll spend less time waiting to get your home, office, or commercial location back in order after a thorough cleaning because our PowerHead®Cleaning is fast drying. (Dries in 1 to 2 hours, not 1-2 days.)

Carpet Cleaners

There are hundreds of different carpets out there with different fibers, each requiring a slightly different approach to an issue than the next. The type of carpet you own, the type of stains, and wear and tear, are all factors that we look at carefully. Every carpet is treated slightly different than another, for example, with wool carpets you have to be much more delicate with the cleaning process. The most common problem is sometimes thought of as a stain but it is actually wear which accumulates in regularly used areas.

Choosing a quality carpet cleaning company can be more complicated than it seems. Your carpets are one of the focal points to your home and you want experienced professionals like us to take great care of them. Call Chem-Dry today!

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