Carpet Cleaning American Fork, Utah

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I am not going to give you a bunch of why Snyder’s Chem-Dry is the best carpet cleaning company in American Fork.  Let us prove it to you.  We do everything from cleaning carpets, upholstery, mattresses, and grout and tile.  That is a long list of things to cover so we will just cover a few.

Carpet cleaning is obviously what we do the most of.  Especially in American Fork.  We can take those old musty smelling carpets and have them looking brand new in no time.  Snyder’s Chem Dry’s all natural solutions fight all the bacteria, dirt, dust, and all the other stuff out of your carpet.  How do we do it?  It is a mixture of natural solutions and carbonation.  The carbonation and extremely HOT water help break up the stains and other things deeper in your carpet.

Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T)

Using a special UV light, Chem-Dry can detect pet accidents in your home and eliminate pet urine odors from your carpets, rugs and upholstery through our revolutionary cleaning process called P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). P.U.R.T. contacts the source of the odor and immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the pet urine odor. It’s shown excellent results on even the most severe pet urine damage.

Grout And Tile

There has been a resurgence of people refinishing old tile and grout.  Using specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment, Chem-Dry can blast the dirt and grime from your tile, grout and stone, delivering a sparkling clean and extending its life.

Again, don’t believe us yet, give us a call and let us prove to you that we are the best for carpet cleaning in American Fork.


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